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Wide adjacency diagram

pangaea sculptors' centre

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bpr was asked to assess the viability of several sites to accommodate a new centre for artists and sculptors, who need to find suitable space to work within central london. the scheme sought to create a community of sculptors within private and shared studios, and provide access to communal facilities and workshops. due to the differing sites that were identified, it was essential to gain a strong understanding of how artists work, and to create a series of adjacency diagrams that could be applied to a variety of situations. the project included exhibition spaces for public shows.
varies (approx. 650sqm)

a core theme that was retained in the proposals for each site was to create a strong crossover between work spaces and exhibition spaces. the intention would be to allow workshops to form part of the exhibition routes, further illustrating how an artist’s work can be influenced by the environment in which it is created.

Wide workshop 01