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Five key benefits of employee ownership

CDS have outlined the business case for employee ownership

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Employee ownership is a succession solution

“If you’re a business owner considering the future of your business, employee ownership can provide a solution to managing your exit whilst achieving a competitive price and safeguarding the future of your business. It secures the long-term future of your company, retaining jobs, skills and investment, and is a succession option that should be explored by businesses of all sizes and sectors.”

Employee ownership can drive the performance of your business

“Having a personal stake in the business can significantly boost motivation among employees. Statistics consistently demonstrate that employee-owned businesses outperform their non EO counterparts in terms of higher levels of profitability, improved business resilience during times of recession, increased productivity, enhanced employee wellbeing, and greater desire to innovate.”

The rewards of strong performance are shared with the employees

“Employee ownership is an opportunity to repay and strengthen the hard work and loyalty of staff with financial bonuses such as annual tax-free dividend payments. This incentive can further drive staff productivity and overall profitability as a result.”

Employee ownership roots the business in its community

“A business that is owned by its employees is more likely to remain rooted in its local community, providing jobs, retaining skills and generating wealth in the local area for generations to come. Businesses which chiefly serve their local communities can also benefit when the owners themselves have a strongly developed knowledge of the area.

Employees are given a greater voice in the operation of the business

“Knowing the company better than anyone else, employees are well placed to give their input on key decisions such as ways to increase performance. As owners, staff feel more involved and engaged with the future of the business, driving job satisfaction and strengthening their commitment to the company.“

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