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stations will be increasingly important to our communities

that was the message from the rail delivery group’s third station summit conference this week. paul beaty pownall is shown here leading the delegates through the visual concepts that bpr architects have produced of ‘station place’ to demonstrate how the rdg’s nine principles of good railway station design could look in the near future and how they will be key drivers in revitalising civic spaces

Wide pbp   speaking at the station summit 2016
Wide station place   aerial view of civic space 15058 01 n12

bpr architects' vision for 'station place' as a civic space

Wide station place   ticket hall 15058 01 n15

open and interactive space

this year’s summit was answering the question ‘how can we embed the rdg’s 'vision for stations'?  as rail companies work hard to enhance their ‘customers’ experience’- how can stations best respond to the issues of devolution, regeneration, franchising, planning and regulatory agendas?  the answer from bpr architects is to use them as catalysts for regeneration and improvements in the civic space of our communities.