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paul beaty pownall judges the 'hyperloop station design' competition in dubai

as part of the 'build earth live' event, paul has been invited to judge the entries from over 100 international participants. engineers, architects and designers have collaborated to facilitate the best in sleek transport designs for the new hyperloop project. over 48 hours, they will compete to formulate a new station vision for the dubai link. hailed as the transport revolution of the 21st century, hyperloop is capable of whisking passengers at supersonic speeds across countries or continents with minimal effort. backed by technological luminaries such as spacex and tesla's elon musk.

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Wide d01 build earth live 3d  1
Wide d01 build earth live 3d  3

as a recognised uk expert in the use of bim technology for successful transport design, paul will be working with the other judges to evaluate the quality of the entries presented.

“proposals must connect with the wider transport infrastructure and understand their impact on subsequent economic opportunities that might spring from the investment in the hyperloop.  the quality of the design should reflect the best the world has to offer.  i’m looking for striking images, but I’m also looking for design proposals – properly considered, that make the best use of current technology and allow for future advances in technology that passengers may be able to use to access the hyperloop system.

designs must provide the customer with a sense of delight, well-being and comfort.  and finally, the solution should consider the wider context of the community that the hub will serve, creating a landmark for the new neighbourhood that can become a destination in its own right.

about build earth live

created by asite and headline sponsored by global design and bim software developer vectorworks Inc., the series exists to showcase how new technology is revolutionising construction.

'build earth' events are highly coveted awards.  cloud-based collaboration and inter-operable formats, are revolutionising the way in which buildings are designed.  award winners will be recognised as leaders in their field and masters of collaborative technologies.