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bpr scholars first to use the new facilities at middlesex university

bpr’s 2016 'interior architecture and design' scholarship winners will be among the first students to experience the new facilities at middlesex university’s ritterman building.

we are incredibly proud to announce the recipients of the scholarships for this year as:
• leora morris - overall interior architecture and design winner
• raiana anha - interior architecture winner
• daniela hurmuzache - interior design winner

find out why they were selected by the judges

Wide d06 ritterman building landscape

leora morris:

leora’s work demonstrated a strong conceptual approach to her design work, coupled with a high quality of visual representation both in computer and physical models. her approach to the petrol station project which saw the platform embedded into a stair allowed her to develop interesting relationships within the public realm, while her creation of a new wrapped façade of spaces around the town hall established the new identity and function of this building and expressed its appropriation for artistic use.

raiana anha:

raiana's work demonstrated a good use of both physical and computer model making techniques throughout the design process and as an evocative final tool for representation. her use of a fragmented roof plane supported by a forest of columns was an inventive and spatially intricate response to the re-use of a petrol station, while her use of concrete stairs to carve out and create new spaces within the existing town hall allowed her to explore and establish interesting relationships and adjacency between the different occupants.

daniela hurmuzache:

daniela's work demonstrated a considered approach to precedent study and research, which was thoughtfully applied and tested through hand sketching. the evidence of design development through drawing was both expressive and evocative, testing out the desired spatial qualities and considering how they might be achieved.